Photovoltaic Parts

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Photovoltaic PartsPhotovoltaic PartsPhotovoltaic Parts

Photovoltaic Parts Our factory have large cnc machining center which can process maximum 6.5*4.2*1.8 meters products, so we are able to process the large aluminum board, slab, wall board, girder in the photovoltaic equipment whose specification is usually 2 meters, 4 meters, 6 meters. Solar photovoltaic power generation is the use of existing or new factories, public buildings and other vacant roof resources to develop solar power station solution.According to the effective area of the roof, the installed scale is generally from tens of kilowatts to several megawatts;It can save electricity, reduce business operation costs and reduce carbon emissions.Achieve the corresponding grade standard of green building. Solar energy is the largest source of energy outside the earth, reaching the earth through electromagnetic waves every second solar energy equivalent to more than 500 tons of coal equivalent.That's equivalent to 13 trillion tons of coal equivalent from solar energy alone in a year, about 10, 000 times more than the world currently consumes.The utilization of solar energy has a variety of channels, solar photovoltaic power generation is the most direct and effective solar energy into electric energy of one of the new energy. Solar photovoltaic power generation is a kind of clean energy with zero emission, and it is also a practical energy that can be applied on a large scale, which can be used for independent power generation and grid connection.It is widely used in aerospace, communications, military, transportation, urban construction, civil facilities and other fields due to its high conversion efficiency, no pollution, no geographical restrictions, convenient maintenance, long service life and many other advantages.Photovoltaic Parts website: