China Swiss Lathe

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China Swiss LatheChina Swiss LatheChina Swiss Lathe

China Swiss Lathe Product Introduction Swiss CNC Machine is different from turning centers. They work by bringing the workpiece to the tool, rather than letting the tool get close to the workpiece.They use bar chucks to hold and move the bar, and use a guide sleeve to support the bar. The tool is fixed on the Z axis, and the chuck pushes the bar through the guide sleeve and passes the tool. The guide sleeve provides support for the bar material very close to the cutting point, so that slender workpieces can be processed without deformation or vibration. Product Features First of all, it is a relatively simple model among Swiss lathes. There are three automatic tool-changing stations on the main spindle to facilitate drilling and milling operations, but not on the sub-spindle. Secondly, the Swiss CNC Machine is "convertible", meaning that the guide bushing unit can be removed, allowing the machine tool to perform turning operations like ordinary lathes. Machine appearance and structure Appearance Tool Frame Parameter Main accessory brand and place of origin China Swiss Lathe website: